VÚB Ambassador in Applied Computer Science (Job)

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava invites applications for

VÚB Ambassador in Applied Computer Science

to start in 2019 no sooner than September 1, 2019. The position will be partially financially supported by VÚB bank foundation for a period of 4 years.

The position is at the level of associate professor (docent) or assistant (odborný asistent) depending on qualifications in accordance with the Higher Education Act of the Slovak republic (Zákon o vysokých školách 131/2002 Z.z.).

The VÚB ambassador should cover the area of applied computer science in research and teaching. The future VÚB ambassador must have an excellent scientific background in one or several of the following areas:

  • Artificial intelligence,

  • Big data,

  • Bio-informatics,

  • Cloud computing,

  • Data analysis for information system security, malware detection,

  • Information systems and databases,

  • Parallel and distributed computing,

  • Programming languages,

  • Ubiquitous computing, mobile computing,

  • Web science.

The appointed person should foster collaborative research with other research groups at the university. The position is involved in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in computer science; lectures in applied computer science are desired. A prerequisite for the employment is a PhD degree and an excellent publication record. The PhD degree must have been obtained in year 2010 or later.

We invite both Slovak language speakers as well as candidates with excellent command of the English language and a willingness to learn the Slovak language.

Further details on the position:

  • Strong participation in proposals for projects funded by EU H2020 and similar funding schemes is expected.

  • The VÚB ambassador will receive for a period of 4 years monthly compensation (gross monthly salary) of 2800€, which is subject to applicable income taxes and deductions; details will be explained on request.

  • The VÚB ambassador will also receive 10,000€/year for a period of 4 years to cover conference travel and basic research costs.

  • This position includes funds for a period of 4 years for another person at the level of PhD student that is expected to support the VÚB ambassador in teaching and research.

  • The VÚB ambassador will be required to submit a yearly progress report,  which will form a basis for a yearly evaluation; the evaluation will be done by an academic professional residing outside of Slovakia.

In order to be considered for the position, the application must be in Slovak or English and must include:

  • Letter of motivation explaining research and teaching objectives.

  • Professional résumé (CV).

  • Copy of PhD certificate (or an equivalent).

  • Copy of habilitation certificate (or an equivalent), if applying for associate professor (docent) rank.

  • List of 5 best publications as ranked by the candidate, including the citation record for these publications.

  • Personal data processing agreement; download pdf.

Your application must include all requested documents; in a cover letter you must express your wish to be included in the selection process.

The application has to be sent on or before July 26, 2019.

Submit by mail to Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology (FEI STU), HR Dept., Ilkovičova 3, 81219 Bratislava, Slovakia in an envelope clearly marked with “VÚB Ambassador”.  The cover letter should be addressed to the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Miloš Oravec.

If  you have any questions about the position, please contact Director of Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics, Dr. Martin Drozda (martin.drozda@stuba.sk).