Apply for PhD Program in Computer Science

The primary focus of our doctoral program is research, with the philosophy that students learn best by doing—working with us on research projects. We offer you the possibility of independent research on several topics. The PhD program takes 3 years to complete and requires that you publish in leading conferences and journals. It is completed by defending a doctoral thesis.

We are looking for motivated students to join our PhD program. We are looking for candidates for the following research topics:

  1. Algebraic cryptanalysis (supervisor prof. Pavol Zajac)
  2. Algorithmic trading using artificial intelligence (supervisor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda)
  3. Analysis of post-quantum cryptosystems (supervisor prof. Pavol Zajac )
  4. Post-quantum cryptography applications (supervisor prof. Pavol Zajac)
  5. Decentralized mobile apps (supervisor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda)
  6. Gamification for mobile applications (supervisor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda)
  7. Methods of machine learning and deep learning techniques for detection of anomalies and abnormal behavior (supervisor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda)
  8. Computer processing of historical encrypted documents and encryption keys (supervisor prof. Pavol Zajac)
  9. Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Methods (supervisor prof. Miloš Oravec)
  10. Efficient search and analysis of user trajectories in real time (supervisor Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda)

Are you interested in any of these topics? Send us your CV and we will contact you briefly with more information.

The deadline to submit your application is May 31, 2021.

Are you ready for a challenge?