Our researchers involved in NATO project

Professor Grošek’s team from our institute has won an international competition where the acceptance rate is just about 10% and is currently starting the investigation within the new NATO project – Science for Peace and Security: Secure Communication in the Quantum Era. The goal is to design new secure encryption systems for the post quantum era in specific areas.

“Our aim is to design, analyse and implement secret key solutions for security agreement between ad hoc groups of participants. Currently, there is no replacement for the so called Diffie-Hellman-Merkle protocol to change a secret key resistant to quantum computer attacks. Novel solutions require greater memory and considerable time. In addition, future limitations regarding the memory and energy requirements are difficult to presume. Our international project team will seek an acceptable solution to this problem within the group communication. Group communication represents the discussion forums where groups try to avoid mutual “tapping” and “renegading”. Analogy with the military field is clear”, says Professor Otokar Grošek.

More information: https://www.stuba.sk/english/news/news/stu-experts-are-involved-in-nato-project.html?page_id=12181