Mgr. Karina Chudá, PhD.

Position:Assistent Professor
Room:A 413

Winter term 2022/2023

TUE 08:00-09:40 DE300 Linear Algebra 1 (1bc_API/* Lecture )
TUE 09:50-11:20 M-213 Research                                     [at CU FMPhI]
TUE 19:00-20:00 Zoom_ Algebraic Graph Theory International Webinar

WED 09:00-10:40 C_101 Linear Algebra 1 (1bc_API/2 Tutorial)
WED 11:00-12:40 C_101 Linear Algebra 1 (1bc_API/1 Tutorial)
WED 13:00-13:50 A_419 Mathematics Seminar
WED 15:00-16:40 DE150 Linear Algebra 1 (1bc_API/9 Tutorial)
WED ??:??-??:?? Zoom_ Mirka Miller’s Combinatorics Webinar Series

THU 09:50-11:20 M-213 Bratislava Graph Theory Seminar              [at CU FMPhI]

FRI 10:40-12:10 M-213 Computer Science Theory Seminar              [at CU FMPhI]
FRI 12:20-15:20 M-V__ Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar               [at CU FMPhI]

Winter term 2022/2023

Linear algebra 1

Akademic year 2022/2023


Akademic year 2023/2024

Representing a finite field using the Conway polynomial

  • The goal is to get acquainted with the theory and create a didactic freeware to represent a finite field as a quotient ring of a ring of polynomials over a field of prime order by the ideal generated by the Conway polynomial.

Own topic from the field of Linear Algebra or from the field of Formal Languages and Automata