Školenie k onsemi Design Challenge

Spoločnosť onsemi ponúka školenie na tému Ultra low power and embedded wireless communication use cases.

Termín: 20.1.2022 11:30 – 12:30 online cez Microsoft Teams. Školenie bude v slovenskom jazyku.

Školiteľ: Peter Gergely (onsemi)

Abstrakt: The purpose of the onsemi Design Challenge training is to get the attendees familiarized with the latest onsemi industrial platforms for further custom application examples that benefit from ultra low power consumption and embedded wireless / wired communication.

Each of the solution is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy System on Chip RSL10 or its module equivalent RSL10-SIP (System in Package).

  • Lighting kit – How to get rid of wires in the building walls and embed LED lighting with intelligence? LIGHTING-1-GEVK  and LIGHTING-POWER-POE-GEVB provides the answer together with BLE-SWITCH001-GEVB.
  • Asset management – Why the onsemi wireless sensor solution outperforms physical life of the battery? SECO-RSL10-TAG-GEVB returns smart hardware and software concept to do so.
  • Bluetooth camera – event triggered AI security camera lasts for years on battery. How to minimize consumption of image sensor processing? SECO-RSL10-CAM-COLOR-GEVK covers both aspects.
  • All – in – all: Interesting use cases with above, let’s get surprised!