Cloud Forensics: Designing cloud forensic-enabled systems (prednáška)

Kde a kedy: C602, 21.6.2022 (utorok), 13:00

Prednášajúci: Dr. Stavros Simou, Privacy Engineering and Social Informatics (PrivaSI) Lab, University of the Aegean, Greece

Abstrakt: Cloud forensics earn more and more ground as the number of incidents in cloud environments raise on a daily basis. Software engineers seek solutions from the early stages of system development in order to elicit and model cloud forensic requirements, thus implementing software systems and services that will be forensic enabled if needed. However, existing literature seems to present a gap in this field. The solution to the problem is that software engineers should develop cloud services in a way that conform with the cloud forensic requirements and this research moves into this direction. Specifically, a cloud forensic-enabled framework is presented in order to understand the role of the design of forensic-enabled cloud services in a cloud forensic investigation. A validation of the forensic requirements is also presented by aligning the stages of cloud forensic investigation process with the framework’s forensic requirements. In this way, emphasis is given to the role of the forensic requirements and their necessity in supporting the investigation process. The specific alignment assists towards the identification of the degree of the forensic readiness of a cloud service against forensic investigation. The framework is applied on a real case scenario to identify the forensic readiness of a company’s cloud service. The aim of this work is to ensure that stakeholders are aware of the cloud forensic readiness of their services by providing a tool/framework that assists them in calculating the compliance level of any given cloud service.